Sian Evans Botany on Sale

From October the 18th to November the 15th 2018 the Gill Wing Gallery will host the new Sian Evans Botany collection

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For all the Londoners nature lovers, but not only, the new collection Botany by Sian Evans, launched at Paris Fashion Week in September 2017, is going to be hosted at the Gill Wing Jewellery, in the Borough of Islington. The British jewelry designer added a new line of colored aluminium and gold-plated jewelry to this collection that is available to try on and purchase for a limited time - from the 18th October to the 15th November 2018. Living in the world of tiny detail, the Botany collection is the surprising result due to a deep study of the flora and the fauna. Using 19th century botanical drawing and modernist mobiles as a starting point, the new jewels are full of movement, color and languid sensual forms: statement shoulder dusting mobile earrings, ‘70s inspired collars and cuffs named after leaf and petal forms: Infructescence and Umbelliferous, Angiosperm and Gynoecium. They will be available in super color blocked Aluminium shades: hot pink, oranges and blue with a hint of green, and specially designed feature colors. At Sian Evans Jewelry everything is made in London, and so it will be the beautiful setting chosen for the exhibition: established over 20 years ago, the Gill Wing Jewelry, with a beautiful window on the Upper street and a brand new sign made of gold leaf, is a unique place where to find the most unusual and beautiful jewelry pieces.

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