Silvia Furmanovich: New Marquetry Techniques

A new creation endorses Silvia Furmanovich’s alchemic skills as she continues along her visionary path, bringing the rich pictorial traditions of Ancient Egypt back to life

  • Scarab beaded bracelet set in gold with diamonds and wood marquetry

    Scarab beaded bracelet set in gold with diamonds and wood marquetry

In Silvia Furmanovich's eclectic world, the concept of precious has an overtone brimming with meanings. All her artefacts are the result of a perfect synthesis of elements of art, notions of history, traditional goldsmithing techniques and multiculturalism. However, if we had to describe them in one single word, it would certainly be “rarity”: the materials are rare, the way they are combined is rare as are the processes with which each piece is made. The Scarab beaded bracelet, one of her latest creations, is a good example of the constant evolutionary flow of the Brazilian designer’s vast creative imagination and know-how, endorsing her fame as one of the most visionary artists in the world of high jewelry. Inspired by ancient Egypt, this mini-beaded manchette features a central scarab carved from wood, decorated with hypnotic motifs, made with the ancient art of marquetry and finished with 18kt gold and diamonds. The piece celebrates the visual splendor of rich pictorial traditions and reveals the talismanic power of symbols that belonged to the Egyptian civilization of the past. Lastly, it strongly enhances the value of wood, the designer's favorite material: «Wood has been an important material in my work. The marquetry technique lends itself very well for an endless variety of intricate and detailed motifs, which gives a lot of creative freedom. Wood is also very lightweight, which makes it ideal for jewelry.»

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