Sunset Idyll, The New Apple & Figs Collection

In the latest Autumn / Winter 2020 collection created by Apple & Figs, citrine, aquamarine, rose quartz and pearls create a heady and sensual atmosphere

The sight of a sunset at sea is something that most of us are looking for, especially in summer. Watching the sun, which slowly enters in the water, in a distant purple horizon is an exciting experience that we would like to repeat constantly. Art and creativity often serve to perpetuate the beauty of nature and the sensations it gives us. It also happens in jewelry. “Sunset Idyll”, the latest collection created by Apple & Figs, for the next Fall/Winter 2020, perfectly testifies it. The English brand recalls the heady and sensual atmosphere of a sunset through a design inspired by seascapes. Each jewel is made entirely of pebble-cut precious stones, such as citrine, aquamarine, rose quartz and pearls, chosen for their natural shapes and delicate pastel shades.

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