Sutra 10th anniversary

Sutra Jewels, born from the collaboration of husband-and-wife team is ready to celebrate its 10th year anniversary

Arpita and Divyanshu Navlakha were already husband and wife when they started their adventure into the jewelry world in 2008 by founding their brand Sutra, a word that means ‘collection of sacred verses’ in Sanskrit. Not a name chosen by chance since every item of jewelry is a tiny work of art destined to accompany the person who chooses to wear it forever. Exotic precious stones, an incisive use of color and innovative constructions characterize every creation by Sutra that is celebrating its tenth birthday this year: an important anniversary that the brand has decided to commemorate by remembering the ten most iconic creations of its decade, starting from the first pair of earrings with star motif and sapphires made in 2008 which is still a best seller today. Also unforgettable is the snake ring produced in 2009 – now the brand’s distinctive emblem - and the ring with a large Paraiba tourmaline made in 2012. The stone only became highly coveted in the sector afterwards, thus con rming the words of the Indian designer, Arpita: «It’s always our goal to create the trend rather than follow it.»

  • Arpita Navlakha

    Arpita Navlakha

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