Suzanne Syz, The End of a Precious Chapter

The Swiss designer leaves the world of jewelry to commit her eclectic talent to a new adventure

Her avant-garde taste and her love for gems have made unforgettable and inspiring each of her creations, now Suzanne Syz, the Swiss multi-talented designer, has decided to leave the world of jewelry to pursue a new adventure. A farewell that leaves a great void for those who especially love the intrinsic content of jewelry. Syz, in fact, has earned the approval of a particularly sophisticated and elitist audience over time, thanks to a unique and irreverent imagery, made up of rock or eccentric or even intellectual digressions. All the result of an artistic and experimental aesthetic research, which involves extreme sensitivity and care in the choice and processing of precious stones - such as rough-cut spinels and flat diamonds -, and the preference for unusual materials - one above all the titanium. Her work is like a book that we never wanted to finish, just as we read in the press release: “A surrealist novel with as many pages as gems. But the author has decided to stop at a thousand pieces in 2020. Why a thousand? Why not?" Wishing Suzanne Syz the best of luck for the new chapter of her multifaceted career that will see her busy with her biodynamic winery in Tuscany and other projects to come, we hope that the world of jewelry will soon feed on the talent of new designers moving forward with her own attitude.

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