Syna: When East meets West

A couple in life and the creative team behind Syna, Dharmesh and Namrata Kothari are showing their collections for the rst time in VICENZAORO’s Design Room

Even though the work is elaborate, its lightness along with the heavenly light of the stones is what seems to hold the essence of purity. Dharmesh and Nam- rata Kothari’s brand Syna has a style rich in appeal, creativity and culture. And it’s being presented for the rst time in The Design Room at VICENZAORO

What is important to know about Syna?
All of our pieces are made in the United States, where we moved fteen years ago and where we founded the brand. The stones are selected all over the world and cut in Jaipur, India. 

How would you describe your style? 
It is the result of a meeting between the east and west. We are from India, a mul- ti-cultural country, rich in heritage. We like to interpret traditional symbols with a contemporary air, fueled by our many trips as well as our religious beliefs, like Buddhism. Our goal is to create pieces that don’t lose their appeal over time, working the way they did in times past, when the jewels were passed on from gen- eration to generation. 

What stones do you love working with?
We use a lot of chrysoprase from Australia, opals from Ethiopia, and Sleeping Beauty turquoise, which is becoming increasingly rare: its mine is now closed but we have collected lots over time. We also use a lot of peridot and labradorite in our collections; we always like to o er them in di erent combina- tions. There’s no lack of diamonds either, which we started working with recently. 

What about The Design Room for- mat won you over?
We are happy to be in this area, it’s the perfect avenue for our products. It’s user-friendly while decidedly elegant.

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