Tagliamonte and the Evergreen Charm of Medusa

Style creators for five generations. This is Tagliamonte, founded in Torre del Greco in 1943 and specialized initially in working cameos and then glass paste and now hard stones, carved with subjects inspired by Ancient Greek and Roman myths and culture

Researching to understand and reinvent. This has been the leitmotiv of the Tagliamonte family since 1943. A sort of karma that, for five generations, now drives Giada - and her father, Nino, and grandfather, Stanislao, before her - to immerse themselves in a different world of jewelry art. While, at the beginning, it was the moment to study shells and learn to carve them to create cameos, the time then came to study the museum archives of Herculaneum and New York to understand the techniques and secrets of glass paste processing, to finally arrive at the latest path undertaken by Giada, which involves exploring every form of hard stone transformation. The only constant in these successions of “eras” are the subjects that draw on the culture of Ancient Greece and Rome, from myths and legends that have thus become contemporary icons. “Our mission, as well as our primary satisfaction, is to make often forgotten techniques fashionable again because their workmanship and artisanship deserve to be appreciated. The most emotional aspect, however, is seeing raw materials transform into items to wear, certain that they will last through time and generations, gathering mystique and a more intimate preciousness.”

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