Tender: From Boutique to Home, with Style

The first luxury delivery service for jewelry, fashion and beauty, for home deliveries in line with the brand

«Statistically, 50% of e-commerce users, even the most hardened, abandon the 'shopping cart' and do not confirm a purchase due to lengthy delivery times, which on average is around three working days. So, we set out to find alternative formulas, and began to imagine how the in-store and online shopping experience might evolve, starting with home delivery,» says Filippo Maria Capitanio. «Tender is built on three pillars. First of all, a premium service, which consists of guaranteeing home deliveries 7 days a week, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., by appointment, within an hour of purchase confirmation, either on the same day or whenever is suitable for you. And that's not all. Deliveries are made by our Personal Style Riders, highly qualified staff who bring the Brand Experience right to your doorstep. Our riders have specific training, an interest in the sector, know the product they are delivering, speak one or more foreign languages and are true "bearers" of a certain brand's values. Through the app and the link sent as the delivery gets underway, the end customer knows exactly who will be knocking at his door. He will immediately receive the rider’s photo and phone number so that he can contact him and follow the live tracking on the map. The third and final pillar is sustainability: all our vehicles are zero-emission. We have an intermodal approach, using our own fleet of electric vehicles but also taking advantage of public transport and all existing sharing services. We offer a BtoB, store to store, warehouse or store to end customer service and, for returns, an end customer to point of departure service. Tender is not a BtoC app. That needs to be specified, although an extra area that we are developing very well is for and with celebrities. These people tend to move a large volume of goods and usually it is the store manager who takes care of the delivery directly to their homes or to the set. Thanks to Tender, now every brand can deliver clothes and jewelry safely. We are currently operative in Rome, Milan, and in the next months in Florence and Cagliari.»

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