The 3D Jewels by Invaerso

The Roman Maria Clelia Scuteri launches the debut collection of her brand, combining past, present and future in an innovative design

Traditional design can still be found in the clean, geometric shapes and the classic filigree working method. Modernity, however, lies in the production technique: the jewelry is totally 3D printed. We are referring to the debut collection by Roman architect and product designer Maria Clelia Scuteri, who, with her brand Invaerso, adds an air of modernity by combining past, present and future, from which her first line of creations takes its name. In fact, the designs toy with the traditional ways we wear jewelry. An ear lobe is perfectly framed by an oblique earring, just as a ring manages to clearly divide a finger at an angle. However, creating such decisive shapes using the most modern technologies involves several challenges. Traditional metal casting, 3D printing, industrial material upcycling, lost wax and filigree workmanship all have to contend with different metrics and variables.

Linking the two-dimensionality of filigree with the three-dimensionality of the jewel, for example, can be a real challenge. In the end, however, the jewel itself becomes a mere pretext in this collection: the real aspiration is to create wearable designs, «something unexpected and unique that goes beyond what is considered ordinary,» explains the founder. A brand that wants to express its vision in its approach to design, so much so that it was awarded a prize in 2020 by the "Worth Partnership Project", an EU-funded program to support the European creative industry in creating partnerships in the field of design and innovation.

And so, this time, new technologies help in the delicate and complex technique of working with silver openwork filigree, which involves bending and manipulating a very fine thread, managing to design unique shapes every time.

  • Maria Clelia Scuteri

    Maria Clelia Scuteri

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