The Artistic Vision of Oblik Atelier

Crafted by designer Mia Hebib, the jewelry brand Oblik Atelier presents pieces with sculptural characteristics, meticulously handcrafted

Mia Hebib's approach is that of a true artist/artisan, a rare figure who manages to instill a piece of her own soul into each creation. Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, she studied in Croatia at the School for Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb, then moved to the United States, where, after further specializations, she founded Oblik Atelier. «Oblik Atelier means the “study of shape”, an expression that is not just about me. It is, instead, a process of creating bold, intrepid and unique shapes that conform and complement the body and space.» This is how sculptural pieces, destined to last, are created, all handmade by forging metal or noble materials through the basic techniques of jewelry making.




Conceived as mini sculptures, the profiles of Croquis brooches reproduce the idea of a handmade sketch, which is exactly how each curve of the jewelry is made.



Made in nickel-free, 14kt gold-plated brass, the earrings display a unique shape inspired by the historic organ in New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.




Raqs is an Arabic word meaning dance. The perfect name for a bracelet with flowing lines that fit wonderfully on the wrist.




The idea of a doodle generates a rigid collar to celebrate the value of irregularity, transforming it into the principle of one-of-akind design.

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