The Debut of Collection Co by Pattaraphan

To be launched in May, the new Collection CO by Pattaraphan opens the way to a new kind of jewelry

The up and coming brand Pattaraphan, which is just launching its new collection CO, is the perfect example of a new kind of jewelry in tune with the tastes of the Gen Z, a generation that is changing the rules of luxury. Its genderless style is beloved by the most famous and cool couples of the moment, like Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. Created by Pattaraphan Salirathavibhaga, a jeweler and artist born and raised in Bangkok, the brand is committed to preserving Thai heritage and supporting slow fashion. Pattaraphan grew up seeing older generations of Thai women wearing pearl necklaces to formal events and funerals. To her, pearls became associated with the past, while through her eyes as a metalsmith, metal represents the contemporary world. In her new CO collection, which will be launched on May, the designer investigates the coexistence of different materials, combining metal and pearls with noble materials such as silver and gold, and gems such as sapphires. The simplicity of the design, however, is full of meaning. The circular shape of the necklaces is inspired by the collars worn by the women of the Karen tribe in northern Thailand: in addition to recalling the heaviness of social pressure, it expresses the duality between old and new, between the Spartan contemporaneity of metal and the beauty of traditions. This is how bold but minimal pieces are born, perfect for an everyday statement.

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