The Digital Showroom 2.0 by The Amanqi Edit

From today till mid-March, the Amanqi Edit will launch the second edition of the Digital Showroom for small brands of the Gulf Region

  • MAS Jewel's Etlala Collection

    MAS Jewel's Etlala Collection

Taking place from the 1st February - 15th March 2021, The Digital Showroom by Amanqi Edit is a new-age approach to create a support platform for emerging, contemporary luxury labels. As we adapt to the “new normal,” Team Amanqi is transitioning to a digital alternative to the pop ups, with a more B2B approach for brands. The Digital Showroom provides the opportunity to discover many incredible, emerging brands, from the GCC and beyond, providing them with incubation support. Through high-definition images, 360 degree videos and an interactive, digital presentation, buyers, editors, stylists and industry personnel will get an opportunity to experience the commendable brand pool, up close and personal. Divided into two categories, a jewelry showcase and a fashion showcase, local brands will get an opportunity to connect with both the local and international fashion industry, taking their talent beyond boundaries. The Amanqi Edit is a digital media platform established in 2016 to support, nurture and incubate emerging brands. Since its inception, the platform has since been working with fashion labels on PR, sales & distribution and global pop ups (across Dubai, London and Geneva), working with brands such as Marmari Jewellery, Tales of Gems, Ming Ray and Eirene Studio amongst others. Through their work with emerging brands, The Amanqi Edit has become an incubation hub for emerging GCC brands. As the second edition of The Amanqi Edit's digital work, the showroom has placed itself as the Middle East's first and leading showroom opportunity for emerging brands. Divided into two categories, a jewellery showcase and a fashion showcase, local brands will get an opportunity to connect with both the local and international fashion industry; taking their talent beyond boundaries. In addition to this, it will also host a month long exclusive line-up of fashion panels, workshops and styling sessions, the Digital Month of Sustainability, Style and Design, as a part of Amanqi's Digital Showroom 2.0 starting today, February 1st. With sustainability as a key component of the work, they will work with some of the industry's finest personnel to discuss what it really means to be sustainable, the impact of sustainability and conversations around the art of fine jewelry.

The official line up of event includes:

-Green Design and Fashion with Sustainable Narrative, 11th February, 3pm (Dubai Time)

-A Jewellery Conversation with Omaira Olama, 16th February, 3pm (Dubai Time)

-The Sustainable Narrative Panel, 18th February, 3pm (Dubai Time)

-Styling with Maryam Raja, 19th February, 1pm (Dubai Time)

-Unlocking The Pandora's Box of Jewels with Samah Wahabe, 21st February, 3pm (Dubai Time)

-Brainwashing Through Greenwashing with Leen Al Saadi, 27th February, 3pm (Dubai Time)

-Sartorial Styling with Rawan Kattao

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