The Essence of Africa, according to 10 Decoart

"African Essence", the new SS20 collection signed by the Polish brand 10 Decoart, is an original and contemporary tribute to art and nature

Post impressionism and wild nature. The SS20 "African Essence" collection, by the 10 Decoart brand, stands out for the originality of its inspiration, in which the power of the unmistakable African ecosystem and the fairy-tale atmospheres of the lush jungles, typical of Henri Rousseau's paintings are combined. Palms, shells, elephants, engraved faces profiles, pearls, corals: a mix of elements skillfully combined together gives life to a lively and contemporary language that emphasizes the beauty of nature, strong but at the same time fragile, to make you reflect on the problem of climate change. «Our distinctive visual language is intended to be an invitation to raise awareness and take effective actions» explains Polish designer Anna Palubicka. «Since we love nature, we care about environmental problems in our work. For manufacturing, we minimize waste, many raw materials are recycled. Our production is based on traditional jewelry techniques. We also use new technologies. We don't produce on a large scale. We establish an exclusive contact with each customer».

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