The Essential: The New Atelier VM Love Promise

Only the others see it, the wearer feels it on the skin. It is the new L’Essenziale necklace, just added to the universe of welded jewelry created by the Milanese brand

“You can't see it unless you look at it, but you know it's there." Would you guess what it is? Maybe not, because it is an absolute news just launched by Atelier VM. After creating the iconic L'Essenziale bracelet - an elegant 18-karat gold chain of three different sizes, which is welded directly to the wrist using a special machine, Marta Caffarelli and Viola Naj-Oleari - founders of the sophisticated Milanese brand - add to the poetic universe of welded jewelry a new element: a necklace to be welded directly to the neck. Its perfect - and invisible - closure in this case is made with an arc welder, a more complex goldsmith process that requires time and art, like all the most important rituals. As for the bracelet, also for this new model, the bond with the wearer is indissoluble and in addition to giving elegance to the body, it preserves a symbolic value: it establishes, in fact, a relationship that will remain forever.

The L'Essenziale necklace can only be order by appointment in the Atelier VM shop in Via Cesare Correnti 26 in Milan or by sending an email to

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