The Future Perfect: The New VO+ September Issue

For the Treccani encyclopedia, a fact projected into the future but which happened before others, is expressed in the “future perfect” tense, a Roman language creation which was used in a more synthetic form in Latin. In this issue of VO+, we like to think that this concept is the fil rouge that links several voices, each very far from the other, sometimes due to the worlds they belong to, their backgrounds, passions or generational gaps, but all very close when they relate to the concept of “time”. To its values and infinite meanings, its power and memory, and of how crucial it is to honor the past in order to build the future. Vivienne Becker, author of this issue’s point of view, talks of how the future and change are created by honoring the past, through fluidity and freedom. The same vision, albeit with a different perspective, as Matteo Ward explains how transparency and traceability are essential frontiers for approaching new generations. And Manuel Menini from Vincent Vintage Bijoux, who we discovered and interviewed in Milan, also starts from the past to construct something new. Because, if, as Menini tells us, «in order to be contemporary, you have to know how to evolve, like a good restoration», then also Chinese designer, Michelle Ong, encountered at the Pinacoteca di Brera, lets her creative trait interpret the Renaissance spirit of a masterpiece by Piero della Francesca which, as the artist reveals «englobes the essence of the jewelry that would have represented it.»

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