The Innovation Challenge: The New VO+ November 2022 Issue

The new special issue of VO+ adds the fourth chapter to an "hors série" editorial work. We are talking about innovation and about those who bring it to the world of jewelry

On the topic of innovation, the Treccani encyclopedia offers a dual interpretation. Innovation is when new production methods are introduced and also when a new idea radically changes or effectively modernizes a production technique or process. In this special issue of VO+, we wanted to approach the subject of innovation in jewelry from several angles. A listing that pinpoints brands - established, independent, newly-founded - platforms, services, retail and virtual projects, whose vision goes beyond any form of convention and time constraints, aroused by continuous stimuli and enlightened impulses. And so, our latest special issue, The Innovation Challenge, adds the fourth chapter to an “hors série” editorial work which, already at its debut in November four years ago (2019, ed.), had inaugurated this “exploit” in the world of jewelry to intercept all those who were in some way revolutionizing the sector. After almost two pandemic years and just as many special issues related to digital and retail, our attention now turns to those small or large worlds that continue to bring innovation both in terms of product - techniques, processes and materials - and in the way of communicating jewelry and bringing it closer to the public through retail channels that always offer something new and unique. Lastly, innovation cannot fail to travel through that Metaverse dimension where, only a few for the moment, have crossed the threshold to play a part.

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