The Italian “hero products”

Also during pandemic period, some evergreen pieces show their strongness. As Flex'it by FOPE. Let's speak about it with Provident Jewelry

«In recent times, women have adopted new habits in the use of jewels: they always wear them, and they want them to be versatile, suitable from morning till night. Such a concept is very different from that of our parents, still fond of the idea of big and striking cocktail rings, to show off only at big events. Americans appreciate Italian jewelry since 18k is practically the standard, and because of high quality craftsmanship. A mix of passion, technology and excellent manual skill. And FOPE interprets this change perfectly: a man knows that, if for instance he’s given a Flex’it, this will become another must for his daily outfit, sophisticated but casual at the same time. Provident Jewelry opened its first store in West Palm Beach in 1993. Over the past 26 years, we have expanded throughout Florida, with 7 new headquarters, thus becoming one of the most respected and reliable buyers and retailers of real estate properties, and most of all of rare gems, designer jewelry and luxury watches. We have been dealing with FOPE for a few years, and we absolutely love the brand. Our clients are women and men aged between 40 and 70. They are world travellers who love quality, timeless jewels, and they also come from Europe, Canada and the Caribbean, as well as from the States of course».

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