The Jewellery Box by Auverture

The Jewelery Box adds an extra luxury dose to the phygital concept. A project born in the creative hub of Auverture, one of the most interesting online platforms of the moment

«Buying fine jewelry is like taking a unique journey. When you find the piece that perfectly reflects your personality, it’s the same feeling of discovery and excitement - like stumbling across a hidden gem,» states Bibi Van Der Velden on the on-line store Auverture she founded, where you can view and buy the creations of a sophisticated array of independent designers. Her statement is certainly true of “The Jewellery Box”, the platform’s new customer journey proposal, which adds an extra dose of luxury to the phygital concept, creating an accurate and creative link between the online and offline experience. “Keep the pieces you love, we collect the rest” is the call to action that accompanies the initiative, revealing its exclusivity. Here’s how it works: after answering an online quiz, a team of in-house experts prepares a jewelry box with a series of jewels, selected according to the customer’s personal taste, and delivers it directly to their home. Once you have received the jewelry box, simply scan a tag to find out more about each piece of jewelry or make an appointment with one of the experts for advice during the trial. There are no additional costs or insurances involved. Once you have chosen your purchases, the rest will be collected and returned to the sender: how to turn simplicity into a luxurious gesture.

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