The Living Jewels of Naida C. Castel

In her studio in Barcelona, designer Naida C. Castel creates handcrafted jewelry designed to connect with those who wear it

All Naida C. Castel's pieces are made and sculpted by hand in her Barcelona studio. In the act of creation, the young designer thinks of jewelry as living objects, focusing not only on their tangible value, but also on the connection they might have with the wearer and the emotions they might arouse. Dynamic and sculptural in appearance, each creation is the result of sustainable craftsmanship that recycles the metal scraps produced in the workshop. «It is handcrafted jewelry, designed and made with care using good quality materials, such as gold, silver and raw crystals or precious stones. In the studio, we try to recycle metals as much as possible and create less waste.»

The jewelry in the new Lave  collection, inspired by the shapes that lava creates after a volcanic eruption, gives form to this wild and unpredictable aspect  of nature 

Representing the freedom of form and the whims of nature, these earrings emulate the shapes that magma creates as it flows down a volcano. 

A pendant and necklace that reproduce the organic shapes of lava through fine, discontinuous silver lines

Made of gold-plated silver, this jewelry has two different adjustable chains and a flower- shaped part. It can be worn as a necklace or as a decorative belt. 

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