The New Buccellati Boutique in Paris

Paris, Rue Saint-Honorè, the new Buccellati boutique opens in the charming scenery of the Hotel Costes

"Hotel, restaurant, bar, spa, music and roses". From today, the motto of the Hotel Costes must be updated, and add the word "jewel" to its claim. Yes, because at 239 Rue Saint-Honorè, inside the hotel created twenty years ago by designer Jacques Garcia, now there is the new Buccellati boutique: 150 square meters of pure elegance and Italian style, in the heart of the more cultured Paris, in that street that alternates windows of refined art galleries, labels of haute couture and museums. Perfect location for the context and for the frequentations of the hotel itself, the setting of vernissages and cultural and fashion events, made famous for two distinctive notes in particular: the multitude of fresh roses that invades every hall - on sale in the Dani Roses boutique ground floor of the hotel - and for the musical background by DJ Pompougnac, former bartender of the Costes now known international performer. In short, a perfect location for the creations of the historic fine jewelry house, an icon of craftsmanship, design and uniqueness. And this thanks to the use of rare stones with exceptional colors and an indisputable skill in working. Like the art of engraving that recalls that of the Italian goldsmiths of the Renaissance, now translated into sumptuous collections of jewelry, silverware and watchmaking.

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