The New Evocative Jewelry by Gaelle Khouri

The latest collections created by Gaelle Khouri are animated by amazing creations that aim to explore, through their special design, the intangible realm of the human mind

Humanity, spirituality, science and art: the latest creations of Gaelle Khouri are the result of a special research in the complexities of theorist principles. The Lebanese jewellery artist well known for creating “wearable art”, has just released the two new collections, Homage To Kandinsky And Steiner and As Above So Below. The first one is an ode to the works and philosophies of two great theorists, Rudolph Steiner and Wassily Kandinsky: fascinated by both artists and theorists’ notions relating geometry and art to higher spiritual dimensions, Gaelle has created a series of pieces with an abstract design. The second one is named after Theosophy founder Helena Blavatsky’s “Law Of Correspondence”, it expresses all Khouri’s signature irreverence. The simple yet powerful fundamental theory inspired the designer to develop a collection of “Pieces de resistance” which represents this interlinked system and their powerful cyclical forces.

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