The New Face of Gold by Aramini

Officially launched at the end of January, Aramini takes up the family legacy to rediscover the value of gold thanks to a substantial technological heritage

The launch claim already says a lot: This is Aramini. We make things of gold in Arezzo. Established in 1972, reimagined in 2024. The person who is imagining it again is Riccardo Aramini himself, born in 2000, third generation and "son" of the historic Arezzo company Loto Preziosi, which over the years has made the technology applied to gold processing its strength.

«With Aramini we want to restore value to gold because in Italy its meaning has been lost a bit. And we want to do this by making people understand the role that technology has in metal processing, the core business of our company Loto Preziosi, which it has made available to the goldsmith world for over 50 years. To this we add the role that communication must have for us, today at the center of our strategies. We started with a communication that focuses on colour, the freshness of the image, the language and the product. We want the final consumer to be part of this project, to participate and have his say, so that the Aramini jewel is immediately the gold jewel for everything. For now we are strengthening Instagram and working with e-commerce. We have an average price range that goes from 300 to 1000 euros, with some exceptions reaching 2000 euros and some entry prices around 130-150 euros. We want to grow and make ourselves known, which is why our investment in communication is fundamental", founder Riccardo Aramini tells us. As for the launch products of the new brand, the Disco Ball collection, which takes its name from the effect that the refraction of light creates on the ball, includes rings, bracelets, amulets, earrings, chokers and necklaces for a bold and fun touch. Each Disco Ball is made in Arezzo with the best 18kt gold and the most refined goldsmith's technology, better known as diamonding, a cut made from a real diamond that makes them exceptionally faceted and shiny. The Essentials collection, on the other hand, is made up of a selection of pure gold chains and necklaces, created by expert craftsmen who pay meticulous attention to detail. From intricate link designs to classic chain styles, the pieces are crafted to perfection, reflecting the dedication to quality that defines the brand. The Loto Preziosi archive is made up of more than 3500 charm molds which allow the company to be competitive and to open its archives to draw on the know-how, typically Made in Italy.

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