The New Gems of Tamara Comolli

The designer introduces a series of new pieces that enrich her historic collections: Mikado, Bouton, Signature and India

She made the concept of "Effortless Luxury" tangible, thanks to its jewels rich in color and vitality, perfect to be worn everyday. Now, Tamara Comolli reaffirms her love for some wonderful multicolor gems, presenting a series of new pieces and enriching her most iconic collections. For the Bouton collection, Tamara introduces an unprecedented version of the Bouton earrings, elegant jewels with colored stones to combine with the well-known rings of the line: they unfold in an impressive length and offer a mixture of harmonious cabochons, diamonds and sapphires. The novelty in the India collection lies in the addition of turquoise gems and gold spheres aimed at embellishing the bracelet so that the wearer can recognize the versatility of the look and change the way you wear it every time. News also for the Signature line that celebrates the partnership with the environmental organization Oceana. The San Dollar pendant is enriched with shiny diamonds and created in two versions, one small and one large. In the Mikado collection, which highlights the uniqueness of Tamara's design, the Mikado necklace arrives, a piece that is colored with iconic acorn gems and develops in two different sizes: a shorter one with a Lariat style that creates a look modern and a longer one that allows maximum versatility of style. The trendy myMikado bracelets are also enhanced with mini pendants in the shape of an acorn, peridot, Swiss topaz and pink tourmalines. In addition to them, the Mykado bracelet was made in the variant of the latest Color Story "Sky", with five iconic Mikado Flamenco acorn-shaped pendants that dangle over a handmade bracelet, 18-karat gold, available in the three colors.

  • Mikado Collection

    Mikado Collection

  • Bouton Collection

    Bouton Collection

  • India Collection

    India Collection

  • Mikado Collection

    Mikado Collection

  • Signature Collection

    Signature Collection

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