The Next J Gen

Five jewelers reveal their creative paths in a video project produced by IED Milan in collaboration with VO+ Magazine to promote the talent of a new wave of designers

The future of jewelry belongs to the new generations. The expressive power of the jewelry we will wear, be attracted to and fascinated by, will be the fruit of the ideas, inspirations and know-how of those who are currently training to become designers. But who are the jewelers of tomorrow? Where does their passion come from? And what studies have they undertaken to maximize their natural talent and achieve professional fulfilment? The Next J Gen is a project born from the partnership between IED Milan and VO+ Magazine to discover the passions, expectations and training paths of those who aspire to enter this specific creative world. The format features three female students selected from various years of the Undergraduate Course in Jewelry Design and two IED Alumni. Through five video “stories”, filmed in laboratories and classrooms at IED Milan, Mel Dario, Yuliia Komendat, Haoyue Zhuang, Francesca Nuala Sirimarco e Xiaotong Yan tell their personal vision of jewelry, involving the viewers in a passionate journey consisting of singular creative identities and experimental works.


Mel Dario



Yuliia Komendat


Haoyue Zhuang


Francesca Nuala Sirimarco 


 Xiaotong Yan

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