The NFT Jewelers

We have selected five companies that have fearlessly thrown themselves headlong into this non-fungible dimension

Chains NFT is a collection of 10,000 digitally crafted, algorithmically generated and manufacturable high-jewelry pendants developed by Cryptojeweler. Chains is working to become a pioneer in the development of AR, wearable phygital and metaverse components. Not just an NFT, but a synergistic jewel with collectible value. Platform:

Each jewel, made with Ethereum, has a file behind its NFT that allows the owner to buy the physical jewel as well. The number of pieces made always depends on the number of editions released. If the piece is a 1/1, only one jewel will be produced with that NFT. The digital NFT remains in force but another one will be minted to certify the new ownership. Platform:

With an editorial award from Times Magazine and an appearance in the documentary "Becoming Beeple", Ivy reinforces its reputation for innovating jewelry by devising a system that links the Metaverse with the Realverse. It is the founder of the first jewel with an NFT, called "Ethereum Block Chain. Digital x Physical".

The Blockchain collection consists of twelve, 1/1 limited edition NFTs and bridges the gap between digital and physical through the power of human connection with technology. The necklace is made up of twelve, 18-carat gold "blocks", which are individually shipped with their respective NFT. Each block is part of an encapsulated system that connects the wearer to the entire circle, the necklace. Platform: KnownOrigin/SimoneFaurschou 

The company offers investment diamonds with NFT technology, creating a new, two-way, publicly accessible marketplace for investors, where the buying and selling value of the stone remains unchanged. Prices for loose stones range from $5,000 to $15,000 and up to $3.6 million for very rare pieces, such as a necklace with a 70-carat diamond.

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