The Ongoing Exploration by Studio Renn

Instinctive, conceptual, artistic. Studio Renn's jewelry is the precious transposition of intangible impressions and perceptions, an unprecedented offer that elevates jewelry to a form of wearable art

«More graphic, with angular planes and embedded with a single diamond set precariously balancing over one of the crisp sharp edges of concrete. It’s all about jeopardy and preciousness…» This is how Vivienne Becker describes the new version of the award-winning concrete ring created by Studio Renn, on show in May at the last edition of GemGenève, in the Designer Vivarium area, where the authoritative jewelry historian presented her personal search for «pieces with a strong and individual point of view, well-defined identity, creative vision, and a certain artisan refinement, » made by «creators of today who will be part of the long and rich continuum of jewelry history.» A search that readily includes the work of the Indian jewelry brand. Founded in Mumbai in 2018 by Rahul and Roshni Jhaveri, Studio Renn soon caught the attention of a Western audience thanks to its innovative and bold style, both in terms of look and manufacturing techniques. Starting with the first concrete ring, which won the Couture Design Award 2021 in the Best Innovative category. “Concrete” rings are part of a special project devised in collaboration with Material Immaterial Studio, a Mumbai-based architecture firm, and are wearable works of art made of gold, diamonds and acidtreated cement. The concept is to embrace alteration and change by letting a corrosive substance do its work freely in order to achieve an effect that would otherwise never exist. The attitude of succumbing to the rules of nature and embracing entropy is true to the name Renn, the guiding word for the creative process of all the jewelry, which indicates restart, innovation, breaking habits and not seeking perfection. «I just want to be able to continue to do what I love doing - to create a world around me that represents the world hidden inside me - one which I inhabit. And I want to share this world with people who allow themselves to get lost in it,» says Rahul Jhaveri, who covers the role of Creative Director. A passionate collector of contemporary art and design, Raul creates Studio Renn's jewelry in a process similar to that of an artist creating a work of art. «It was never our intent to make jewelry. The jewelry just gets made. It is merely a medium through which we express our explorations.» Explorations that lead to a labyrinthine imagery, where art meets design, creativity and experimentation in a whirlwind to inspire, fascinate, enchant, surprise and cause us to say wow! The use of unusual materials, the choice of innovative shapes, the philosophical investigations into reflections, volumes and voids create an itinerant, instinctive and imaginative narrative that makes the intangible tangible. A veritable exploratory journey into the unknown that can be seen, in all its complexity, in the two collections (An)otherness Vol.1 and Vol.2, conceived in collaboration with surrealist artist, Prashant Salvi. Starting from some of his sketches, a series of items were created, all produced in editions of 5 and with an unusual and seductive design: not creations but precious “creatures”, brought to life by exploring the beauty of ugliness, or the vital force which communicates emotions and deep thoughts, creating complex forms and sensitivities; or even by studying reflective surfaces with the idea of “celebrating gold”, by exploring the organic and asymmetrical folds of a sea anemone and the perception of creation and destruction. In short, an inexhaustible flurry of abstract digressions in which change is the only real constant.

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