VO+ November Issue: The Plus 100

One hundred and fifty issues plus one. Our magazine’s ultra- thirty-five-year long journey has made numerous stops. An intense route that we have decided to celebrate with a collector’s edition: The Plus 100. The Names to Follow Around The Jewelry World.

The one hundred names in the jewelry industry that, day after day, create value in many different ways while always nurturing the culture of excellence. And excellence is exactly the common denominator in this first special. Neither a ranking nor a classification, The Plus 100 is a “community” of people that totally targets human value. Faces that populate worlds far and near with the mutual objective of making this jewelry universe increasingly more competitive, contemporary, sustainable and unique. They are entrepreneurs of know-how, managers of awareness, cultivators of tradition, mentors of talents, innovators and revolutionaries, start-uppers, economic and financial experts, academics and the most sophisticated Instagrammers. A special that focuses on the sector without speaking of design or style, without identifying trends or iconic products but which, for the first time, gathers together in one single publication, the key players in a jewelry world that, besides the territoriality and diversities inherent to each, know how to combine skill with culture, training with innovation, inclusiveness with personalization and identify the language with which to attract the interest of new generations. In a global tour that makes jewelry an even greater object of desire.

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