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Jewelers Circle, Tmall, The Clear Cut, VR zone: the revolutionary names around the digital world

The ethical and eco-sustainable brand, the successful blog that becomes e-commerce, the b2b platform specifically for Made in Italy and another where the fine and vintage jewelry industry can find and sell jewelry, precious stones, watches and collector items. Just some examples of how to do business innovatively today with software and ideas that become extraordinary busines accelerators. 

Gioielleria Italiana, Kimai, Jewelers Circle, Tmall, The Clear Cut, VR zone

Jewelers Circle

Who Marianne Fisher, Co-Founder and MD
Where New York
Why Expanding the trade show model, for antique and modern jewelry

 Launched in October 2020, it is a brand new online b2b trading platform that allows the fine and antique jewelry industry to source and sell products, gemstones, watches and other collectibles. Developed for the trade, the platform utilizes proprietary technology designed with the input of the founders of the newly formed International Antique Jewelry Association (IAJA).


Who Luna Wang, Head of Tmall Luxury Division
Where Hangzhou, China
Why Custom-tailored experience and sense of exclusivity, from the brick-and-mortar stores to China’s online shoppers

 «Since the inception of Tmall Luxury Pavilion three years ago, we’ve strived to help brands engage Chinese consumers via our digital tools and solutions, from product marketing and brand-building to market analytics and customer service. We want to bring more novel, personalized and social experiences to shoppers.»

The Clear Cut

Who Olivia Landau and Kyle Simon, Co-founders
Where New York
Why Turning an educational blog into a direct to consumer company, growing over 100% quarter over quarter and selling millions of dollars

 What happens when two GIA Graduate Gemologists pool their skills and use the language of contemporaneity? A purely informative blog becomes a million-dollar business. In a nutshell, that is what happened to The Clear Cut, the platform that specializes in the development and direct sale of engagement rings. A success brought about by Olivia Landau and Kyle Simon, fellow students and then business partners, who have revolutionized the relationship between Millennials and jewelry, especially with diamonds. The Clear Cut accompanies its customers in defining their purchase while offering educational videos on how to manage it.


Who Nicola Ravarini, Founder and Ceo
Where Milan
Why Guiding companies and customers in the future with ad-hoc solutions

Innovative start-up that develops and distributes new formats based entirely on virtual and augmented reality technologies. From team building to physical and digital events, from HR solutions to virtual reality edutainment, it projects companies into a dimension of the future. With AR solutions, today's most widespread immersive technology, excellent interaction results can be achieved directly from the smartphone, thanks to the superimposition of images recreated within the user's field of vision. Virtual reality, on the other hand, allows you to navigate in carefully constructed three-dimensional environments. Systems that support also companies in the development of new retail models.

  • Olivia Landau and Kyle Simon, Co-founders of The Clear Cut

    Olivia Landau and Kyle Simon, Co-founders of The Clear Cut

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