The Plus 50: The Revolutionary Names Around The Digital World

VO+ November issue is dedicated to the digital revolution. A list of 50 companies worldwide that provide the necessary basis for taking that now indispensable "step ahead"

The Plus 50: The Revolutionary Names Around The Digital World
This special issue, THE PLUS 50, is born into a historical and social moment in time that is radically upending the way we live, work and do business. Speaking about accelerating digital processes is a topic that has now become part of the collective vocabulary of those in business but, for an industry like jewelry, the right tools and supports are needed to find the keystone and embark upon a “personalized” digitized road. In the following pages, we have, therefore, compiled a list of 50 companies worldwide that, both in the field of jewelry and in sectors not specifically related to hard luxury, provide the necessary basis for taking that now indispensable "step ahead". But, in a world of AI and AR (for those still unfamiliar with the acronyms, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality), among filters and apps that act as “virtual mines”, amid new communication strategies and retail models, Uman Digital is another concept to be included and Alessandro Zanotti, Managing Director of Accenture Interactive, tells us about it. A sort of tailor-made model that perfectly fits in with the world of hard luxury, which is in need of an omnichannel experience in order to fully seize the enormous opportunities of the internet and become part of this great cultural revolution. A concept also voiced by Marco Venuti, Ceo of the Luther DSGN agency, who tries to put things in order by explaining that a market such as that of jewelry, must not only fuel itself on data-driven campaigns, it must also remember that what people buy is always linked to an idea, a concept that begins and leads to a dream item. Therefore, in accepting this new challenge of coming up with disruptive modalities that overturn the order of things, we should remember never to lose sight of this priority mission. A mission that makes our sector a wonderful profession, nurtured by a savoir faire that is the envy of the world.

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