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Sarine, GemCloud, Gia4Cs, Uni Diamonds, Rapnet: the revolutionary names around the digital world

In a world based exclusively on noble raw materials, even the “old” profession of a diamond dealer is catching up and going online. Thanks to specific Apps for every type of stone, to software that traces the Blockchain from the mine to the jeweler’s workshop, to specific marketplaces, to artificial intelligence and to tools that ferry finance towards “fin-tech”. 

Gübelin Gem Lab, Gemolith, Sarine, GemCloud, Gia4Cs, Uni Diamonds, Rapnet

Sarine Technology Lab

Who Daniel Glinert, Chairman of the Board
Where Hod Hasharon, Israel
Why Simple yet sophisticated. This is how the company describes the technology created and used in its laboratories. It can be personalized and this is the case with Sarine Profile

Thirty years ago, the idea of gemologists and high-tech gurus working side by side was almost unthinkable. But in the laboratories of Sarine Technologies Ltd – a company that is listed on the Singapore stock exchange today – this was actually already happening. This one-of-a-kind “merger” led to radical change in the worldwide diamond industry, forever revolutionizing how they are cut, classified and sold. Sarine Technology Lab is the first automated laboratory based on artificial intelligence, offering the opportunity to create 3D digital jewelry experiences, showcasing individual elements from different angles, combining colors with a click and seeing real prototypes for a whole collection. Sarine Profile’s reports allow users to get all of the details about a stone with one click, making for a truly complete B2C experience.


Who Veronica Favoroso, Co-founder and Ceo
Where Hong Kong
Why It offers an advanced and easily accessible stock management system for color stones, thanks to an advanced software able to reach customers

«Our project fits perfectly in a moment of radical change: it is indeed at the service of the world of color stones, which is far more fragmented and more artisanal than the diamond market managed by large groups.» Stakeholders can control inventory, increase sales and productivity, reduce costs and eliminate the inefficiencies of the color stone market, very fragmented. The advanced software digitizes the profession of stone traders: the stone reports on the one hand and the control of all sellers by a third party on the other. This reality owes its success to the expertise of its founders in business management, technology and mining industry, for brands including Fabergé and Gemfields.


Who Seung-Hae Moon, Managing Director
Where New York
Why Helping retailers learn more about the 4Cs of diamonds

An app for retailers, created by the world’s most important authority when it comes to gemology. It is a tool for learning more about the 4Cs, with videos and interactive features that help users understand how to evaluate color, cut, clarity and carat weight. It also educates users on the color scale, from D to Z, and the factors that influence how the diamond is cut and how the carat system originated.

Uni Diamonds 

Who Mahiar Borhanjoo, Ceo
Where Tel Aviv, Israel
Why One of the most dynamic new service providers in the international diamond trade

Fintech, or financial technology, if you prefer. The Uni Diamonds app, which was created for the international diamond industry, works in this new area of global economics. Working for some of the most important natural diamond producers in the world, Uni’s revolutionary business model has made it one of the fastest growing companies on the jewelry scene. What does it do exactly? It offers online and offline sales features, services and logistical help, with one-of-a-kind tools for aggregating the demand for diamonds in all sizes and from multiple suppliers. It also can evaluate the quality of stones and verify retail customers.


Who Martin Rapaport, Chairman
Where Las Vegas, Nevada, Usa
Why A tool that is incredibly reliable

An app for diamond market insiders, allowing for all of the various players to take part in direct trading. Users can get pricing information and diamond reports in real time, calculate exchange rates, purchase diamonds (as well as jewelry) and even find new partners. This app also offers information on the industry 24 hours a day.

  • Veronica Favoroso, GemCloud

    Veronica Favoroso, GemCloud

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