The Plus 100: Social

Six names on Instagram who worth about hald a milion followers. Six different voices that are able to tell the world of jewelry in an original way, through captivating images and interesting contents.

Frank Everett
Title Senior Vice President, Sotheby's Luxury Division
Why He offers a privileged look at the world of luxury and jewelry


Veteran of the jewelry industry, he talks about news and auctions with a modern gentleman style.

Francesca Cartier Brickell
Title Independent Researcher, Writer and Lecturer
Why Reveals unknown details about the family behind the dynasty of Cartier


 Granddaughter of founder Louis-Francois Cartier, she tells about the untold family stories. 

Vanessa Cron
Title Jewelry Historian, Consultant and Lecturer
Why A profile about style, history and stars, where to discover iconic jewelry


She describes jewelry that made history, through a valuable collection of images.

Will Kahn 
Title Market Director, Fine Jewelry at Moda Operandi 
Why His hashtag #WillNotebook is among the first feeds in Instagram 


His posts are like notes from a carnet de voyage, around the most interesting jewels. 

Katerina Perez 
Title Curator of best jewels and editor-in-chief of 
Why She is a true jewelry insider with a professional knowledge 


Her IG is a useful and inspirational profile to discover all the best jewelry news. 

Sandrine Merle 
Title Founder of The French Jewelry Post 
Why She recounts fascinating stories about contemporary jewelry 


She showcases legendary pieces and features contemporary designers in a fresh way. 

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