The Pop Crystals By Giovanna Engelbert x Swarovski

By the unprecedented nomination of Giovanna Engelbert as Creative Director a year ago, Swarovski has set a new course that is heading towards a contemporary aesthetic vision

The Pop Crystals By Giovanna Engelbert x Swarovski
For 125 years, crystals have been, and still are, the heart and soul of Swarovski but with the arrival of Giovanna Engelbert as Creative Director, they have now entered a broader narrative, becoming the mouthpiece of a true lifestyle, the protagonists of a world made of accessible dreams and desires that can come true because they stem from a "Wonderlab". As she explained at her debut, «It is an idea, an imaginary place where science and magic come together, eccentricity and elegance intertwine, a place that embodies all of Swarovski's values and will continue to be a source of inspiration for years to come.» The first expression of her aesthetic thinking was Collection I, with which, she says, «I wanted to explore the essential geometry of crystal and its potential as a raw material.» A maximalist approach to shapes, colors and cuts as purely ornamental. The next step was Collection II which, more than a collection, is an innovative project that places jewelry into a dreamlike and magical dimension. The items reveal the power of crystal's transparency, recall the spirit of Bohemian culture and pay homage to the art of Gustav Klimt. But Engelbert's main intent is to link them to the contemporary concept of inclusiveness because they are crystal jewels to play with, to create magic and invent stories to express one's individuality, whatever that may be. This "open" vision of awareness and sharing is reflected in the digital project developed in collaboration with photographer Mikael Jansson, who took 25 portrait photos to reveal Collection II on Instagram. An online exhibition that becomes a communication campaign with jewelry as an integral part of the varied personalities and professional skills of a unique group - from Lourdes Leon, Madonna's daughter, to model and activist Adwoa Aboah, from Sharon Alexi, model and artist, to singer and cellist Kelsey Lu - regardless of age, gender or nationality. With one common denominator: a style that is immediately recognizable as belonging to Swarovski’s Wonderlab.

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