The Precious Version Of Palio Di Siena

Seventeen unique pieces, like the Tuscan city's contrade. A creative tribute by Diego Percossi Papi

2nd July and 16th August, dates that, for every lover of ancient traditions and horse-racing mean only one thing: Palio di Siena. For the second 'episode' of this permanent double annual event, on-going since 1633, VO+ is dedicating a tribute to this evocative historical-artistic race which involves the creative inspiration of Diego Percossi Papi. The Roman master goldsmith of Tuscan descent, has, in fact, transformed the symbols of the 17 contrade (city wards) into extraordinary precious creations. The idea sprang from the deep interest that Percossi Papi fosters for history, studied and elaborated through a meticulous work that unites modern and ancient processing techniques. A marvelous encounter where gold, lacquers and gems are transformed into objects that become precious both in terms of the materials of which they are made and the symbolic meaning that represents the strength of the contrada.

  • tower contrada

    tower contrada

  • caterpillar contrada

    caterpillar contrada

  • snail contrada

    snail contrada

  • owl contrada

    owl contrada

  • giraffe contrada

    giraffe contrada

  • panther contrada

    panther contrada

  • eagle contrada

    eagle contrada

  • turtle contrada

    turtle contrada

  • leocorno contrada

    leocorno contrada

  • nicchio contrada

    nicchio contrada

  • ram valley contrada

    ram valley contrada

  • porcupine contrada

    porcupine contrada

  • wolf contrada

    wolf contrada

  • goose contrada

    goose contrada

  • wave contrada

    wave contrada

  • forest contrada

    forest contrada

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