The Retail Issue

A special issue, a collector's item, an hors série that focuses on one of the most current and controversial topics in the luxury world: the evolution of retail

How should a company act when faced with such a highly agitated retail landscape? What tools and services have marketing specialists come up with to help them fathom out this “digital tangle”? And how does the physical point of sale interface with a consumer who is encouraged on several fronts to buy anytime, anywhere? These are some of the questions we have tried to answer with our new listing dedicated to retail which, in addition to providing ideas, models and identifying issues under great discussion, also intercepts some successful case histories among physical, digital and hybrid companies that have had the intuition and courage to present the market with innovative solutions. There will be no lack of interventions from analysts, luxury consultants, lifestyle managers, sales directors and jewelry entrepreneurs providing an impartial point of view on how luxury goods are consumed, what the future of retail depends on, what it means for a brand to focus on “retailtainment” and what the next frontiers for distribution will be. Between physical, digital and phygital, there is also a social universe that is consolidating its role as a big player in the sales sector, particularly due to its composed and playful vision.

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