The Shape of Life by Serafino Consoli

Transformation and movement, the concepts expressed by the high jewelry brand’s creativity, now represented in a film-manifesto

It has a title, a director, a leading actress, a set (two actually), a costume designer, a sound technician, a cinematographer and a production technician. And a “scriptwriter”, who is also the commissioner and the person who imagined and saw everything before it even took shape. “The Shape of Life” is what could be defined as a film-manifesto, the perfect synthesis of what this deus ex machina wanted to tell the world... about his own world. After bringing a breath of fresh air to haute joaillerie, Ivan Consoli, founder of Serafino Consoli and mastermind of this special movie, has also decided to revolutionize the way he communicates his company, which in just ten years, thanks to innovative ideas worthy of international patents, has gained fame and, above all, market. From Europe to exotic destinations such as Hawaii and Singapore, this commercial success is based on superfine craftsmanship, unprecedented technologies and that touch of Made in Italy creativity that have turned inventions such as the Ring-Bracelet and the Multisize Ring into true cult jewelry items that have made their mark on the sector by drawing a line between the before and after. Apart from the aesthetics, it is the “details”, such as the 42,000 soldering points and 988 components that each jewel hides behind the graceful movements masked by pure gold and diamonds, that make Serafino Consoli's jewelry something unique, profoundly complex yet simple, able to change “size” and function with a gesture. To express this intrinsic complexity, Ivan Consoli has therefore imagined a new mode of expression, focusing on that seventh art, the cinema, to enhance the brand's heritage and values. “The Shape of Life” is much more than a simple advertising campaign, it is a sensorial experience that alludes to the metaphor of change and to that gesture which, in an instant, changes a piece of jewelry, transforming a ring into a bracelet or a ring into a different size.

«With “The Shape of Life”,» says Ivan Consoli, CEO of Serafino Consoli, «we wanted to create a new and innovative communication product. We found young professionals for its production who brought creativity and fresh ideas to overcome the concept of the classic commercial. Together we came up with this project, which was then shot and edited into a veritable film-manifesto that, in just a few minutes and with no unnecessary frills, speaks, interprets and conveys the concepts of nature, human relations and change. Because the shape of life is as changeable as our rings, which last forever, adapting to the passing of time. For us, “The Shape of Life” is not a simple classic marketing initiative, it is a project that aims to accompany and represent us as a company and as people, because it looks into and confronts the sensitivity and beauty that is in each and every one of us.» A film instead of a commercial, which will compete in cinema and film industry festivals and which is already circulating on social channels, conveying that transformative capacity, a constant feature of the brand, reflected here in the choice of locations: Monte Rosa and the Circolo Filologico in Milan, juxtaposed as icons of uncontaminated nature and a place of pure culture. At center stage is Anne Jung, the German dancer and choreographer, who mixes dance and gymnastic acrobatics, recalling her participation in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. A multifaceted talent, whose dance is perfectly able to interpret the movement, transformation and innovation in Serafino Consoli's products.

The frames of “Shape of Life” will also be the backdrop from 8th to 15th April at meetings with the company's team in the Fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva, the location of Haute Jewels Geneva.

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