The Star Creatures of Amants de la Lune

Passion, dedication and time are the basis of Amants de la Lune, a jewelry project with which the designer Giorgia D' Avanzo reveals her interest in astrology

«Amants de la Lune was founded in March 2020 and discovered the world in June 2021,» is how Giorgia D'Avanzo introduces her new-born brand, a statement that well describes the passion, dedication and time that the designer has put into creating her jewelry project, whose aesthetics are strongly linked to its basic concept. The brand's name reveals a particular interest in astrology. «The moon goes through eight phases, a number that has always played a leading role in my life. Hence the decision to present eight unique and different models for each collection. All my pieces bear a name and a story that influence their design. The idea that you can buy one of my creations not only for its aesthetics, but also for a meaning you can relate to, means a lot to me.»




L’Oeuil Du Ciclope

A ring in yellow bronze and electroplated silver, decorated with a tourmaline set to resemble an eye supported by a long metal net representing the challenge of spiritual growth. 


Choker Sole 


A necklace in yellow, electroplated bronze, whose design is inspired by the sun, a source of energy and symbol of loyalty, courage and individual essence, in other words, mankind’s true nature. 


Glove of Saturn and Spider Bracelets


Bracelets that summarize concepts of kindness, strength and protection. Divided into three parts to make movement easier, the glove of Saturn recalls the planet’s famous rings. 


Eyes Wide Shut single earring

In electroplated yellow bronze, a single earring that extends to decorate the face with a tourmaline drop, symbolizing a tear, the consequence of prejudicial naivety. In bronzo giallo galvanizzato, un orecchino singolo che arriva a decorare il volto con una goccia di tormalina, simboleggiando una lacrima, conseguenza dell’ingenuità dei pregiudizi.

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