The Timeless Charm of Plume de Paon by Boucheron

Boucheron continues to celebrate eternal beauty and a deep connection with tradition through its ever more artistic and innovative Plume de Paon jewelry

Some symbols are so intrinsically powerful that they defy the rules of time, continuing on through the ages with an eternal and meaningful presence. One such symbol is the peacock feather, or Plume de Paon, which has enchanted and inspired Maison Boucheron for over a century.

Back in 1883, Frédéric Boucheron and atelier director, Paul Legrand, created the first Plume de Paon necklace, a masterpiece that embodied all the grace and beauty of the peacock feather, renowned in many cultures for its positive symbolism. That first creation was not only an extraordinary piece of jewelry, but the starting point of a tradition that Boucheron continues to celebrate by boldly reinterpreting the Plume de Paon motif.

Plume de Paon Bracelet Set with Tanzanite, Tsavorites, Sapphires Diamonds, in Titanium

In addition to capturing the essence of this timeless symbol, the new creations stand out for their innovative implementation of materials and techniques. The use of titanium lends an ethereal character to the pieces and lightens their structure due to openworking, a distinctive technique of haute joaillerie, that allows light to filter through the intricate details of the jewelry, making the reflections dance and enhancing the sparkle of the diamonds and colored stones. The fascinating colors, obtained by combining diamonds, sapphires, tsavorites and tanzanite, chosen for their refined shades, are enhanced by an anodizing treatment used to paint the titanium, which recreates a precious green and blue tinge. This process adds an extraordinary visual effect that blends harmoniously with the selected gems, resulting in a surprising and unprecedented aesthetic.

Plume de Paon Asymmetrical Earrings in Diamonds, White Gold

Plume de Paon necklace set with Tanzanite, Tsavorites, Sapphires Diamonds, in Titanium

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