Turkish Lanterns

These are the creations by Tekin Seyrekoğlu Jewelry, an Istanbul-based company that is looking to further expand in the world

They take inspiration from the old-style lanterns with ickering light that cuts through the shadows of Turkish nights. This is a memory from Tekin Seyrekoğlu’s childhood, and has resulted in “Candle Lanterns,” a unique collection of precious jewels that bring traditional motifs to sumptuous necklaces and rings in various shapes and colors. This is the latest chapter in a story that began many years ago when the company’s founder lost his father as a child and had to get to work. He soon learned the trade and opened a small jewelry workshop in Istanbul with a partner at only fifteen years old. The company has had recognizable designs since the beginning, combining quality materials with a unique style that relies on traditional cultural elements reinterpreted in a contemporary way. The company works to constantly improve its craftsmanship and expertise. Today, it is an important name in Turkish jewelry, and takes part in Vicenzaoro as well as the most important industry events. Its jewelry pieces – rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants – are sold in di erent shades of 14,18- and 21-carat gold, in about 650 of the most exclusive stores throughout the world. The next objective for Tekin Seyrekoğlu company is to expand even more into international markets in collaboration with renowned Turkish and international brands.

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