Tv Talk - Predictions: A Forecasting Event at VOICE

From advanced digitization to multi-culturalism… The presentation of the new “The Jewellery Trendbook 2022+” becomes an animated talk among the voices of expert designers, buyers and cool hunters to analyze the latest cultural phenomena speaks about it

Transformation. This is the key word of the moment according to Paola De Luca, founder and creative director of Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting – the international research Observatory that specializes in forecasting activities for the jewelry, watch and fashion accessory sectors. «We need to board the transformation train to survive the historic change we are going through. A change that, although painful, can also prove positive.» The optimistic vision of someone who has always been dedicated to studying socio-cultural changes in order to guide jewelry sector players in a vast and constantly evolving market. For this special edition of VOICE, De Luca has organized “Tv Talk: Predictions 2021-22. Emerging Phenomena, Panorama and Forecast 2022”: «A talk divided into three sessions with international guests to reflect and explore new forms of thought, emerging movements in jewelry design and the new economies as well as to discover the mainstream themes in consumer culture and those which will be important in the coming seasons.» In short, an authentic, three-hour long, event within an event, all strictly “phygital”, or rather, where physical and digital will integrate to offer an experience that overcomes the barriers of space and time. «Today’s market is global and we need to work in this way. It can only be physical everywhere through technology; digitization must become yet another human sense.»

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