Unmissable Tefaf Maastricht

With its renovation, Tefaf Maastricht is once more the world’s most unmissable art show

Art Show par excellence, this year Tefaf closed its week with unprecedented numbers. Of the 279 art dealers attending TEFAF Maastricht 2019, 40 exhibitors were taking part for the first time. The result is a revitalized Show of unique appeal for private collectors, museum curators, patrons, art market experts and art-lovers the world over. Besides the new entries in terms of attendance, another significant news is the policy for assessing the works of art that will affect all its Shows. «The global character of our organization imposes us to review out policies regularly to guarantee the reliability of the sales at our shows, thus maintaining our impeccable reputation on the international market,» said Nanne Dekking, President of the TEFAF Board of Directors. «The new art work examination policy,» he continues, «will be adopted at all our shows in order to meet the highest expectations that we ourselves nurture within our conduct.» One of the latest additions to the Haute Joailleri world is Cindy Chao, the new entry in the TEFAF Antiques area, who presented an exceptional “Greenovia” clip made in titanium, 18k white gold and silver, with a 105-carat chrysoberyl cat’s eye, diamonds and almost 2,500 green precious stones in six varieties. The New York gallery, Siegelson, one of two new jewelry dealers again in the TEFAF Antiques section, displayed the “Bande” diamond and black enamel ring by Suzanne Belperron (1900-1983), one of the twentieth century’s most talented designers, who broke away from the classic ideal of jewelry to create distinctive items with daring and feminine shapes. And again, another one-of-a-kind piece, the Nizam Diamond. A spectacular necklace with a 120.8 carat, pear-cut, D color and internally flawless diamond worth 45 million dollars. «I chose to set the diamond on an Indian-inspired necklace with nearly 650-carats of Colombian emeralds. It’s inspiring to see this famous and storied diamond—a wearable work of art—presented alongside so many other masterpieces at TEFAF», he concluded.

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