Vendorafa: a Family Tale

The video on Vendorafa tells of a jewelry culture of all-Italian workmanship that is expressed in the quality of its own collections and in those for big international brands

A system that provides culture. A culture that lives on cross-contamination and passions for different worlds, nature, architecture, art. Jewelry is an industry that feeds on innovation and technology, but even today, the value of man’s intervention, that unique workmanship that makes Made in Italy jewelry unparalleled, is still indispensable. An interpreter and protagonist within this system for more than sixty years, is the Valenza-based company Vendorafa which, since 1951, has been creating and producing collections that are known and recognized worldwide as a sign of style and excellence. We entered into their world for the first time to speak, through a video, of a family whose story is intertwined with that of the company and previewed on these pages with several backstage photographs. These "snapshots" take a short trip through stolen moments that starts from the inspiration and design and continues on through the wax models and gold casting to arrive at hammering and quality control. All the interlinked phases in a symphony handed down from the founding father, Mario Lombardi, which is still full of the musicality that only hammers, files, spatulas and enormous artisan skill know how to compose and transmit, thanks to the direction of Daniela Lombardi, her husband Augusto Ungarelli and their daughter Francesca.



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