Vendorafa: it’s time for the Pebbles Collection

The new collection by Vendorafa, an iconic brand among Made in Italy jewelry, is now available in Neiman Marcus stores and on-line in the USA

Small, uneven in shape and in a thousand shades with a range that goes from soft pink to bright green, from beige to total black. Who has never stopped, at least once, to gaze at the pebbles on the seashore? Vendorafa designer, Daniela Lombardi, drew inspiration exactly there, from that palette of variable and infinite colors offered by Nature, to use simple and valueless, as well as semi-precious and precious, stones. Malachite, onyx, mother-of-pearl and, of course, diamond. The Pebbles Collection encapsulates this kind of pure, classic and timeless beauty, keeping faith with the history of the company from Valenza, one of Made in Italy’s centers of excellence. Since 1955, the company’s workshops have been producing jewelry items that have the virtue of being evergreen and eternal passpartout for those who love to flaunt elegance rather than preciousness for its own sake.  Without forgetting that touch of “mystery” that recalls the Ancient Egyptian world. According to that centuries’ old culture, malachite had the power to ward off negative energy. A favorable sign that can certainly do no harm.  Vendorafa is available in the USA in every physical and on-line Neiman Marcus store as well as at several selected independent jewelers.

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