Verdi’s Deep Blue

Sapphire and tanzanite play leading roles in the Blues Collection by the historic Valenza-based company, a reference point for made-in-Italy high jewelry since 1971

Every brand that can be defined as historic owes its strength to certain “pillars”, those foundations around which, day after day, brand recognition, credibility and fame are built. For Verdi, this long and complex evolutionary process began in 1971 and, since then, the company has never stopped changing and growing, adapting to the times by keeping faith with four fundamental concepts that have never changed and that Marco Verdi, the company's CEO, still proudly reaffirms today: savoir-faire excellence, Italian style, the character of each individual piece and femininity in design. Concepts that always play on that chromatic scale of harmonic notes that intertwine shades of color and form, shaping jewelry guaranteed by an international certificate of authenticity.

Craftsmanship is what distinguishes pieces that convey elegance, personality and above all, uniqueness, also given by the quality of carefully selected precious stones. The Blues Collection featuring blue sapphires and tanzanites surrounded by the purest diamonds that almost seem to radiate their own light, is a fine example. The quintessential cold color blue, which, according to chromotherapy, induces calm, mental concentration and serenity, thus becomes the protagonist of creations that aim at catching emotions, that ability to convey deep sensations to the observer, to those who peer through the iridescent shades of rare gems that change according to light and inclination, but also thanks to the skillful hands of those who set them. 

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