Vicenzaoro September 2021: Made in Italy Increase

A positive outlook for the industry’s near future was what emerged yesterday at the Vicenzaoro September opening ceremony. After the first 6 months of 2021 that see Italian jewelry as the top performer of all the G8 countries.

To sum up the positive air that was breathed yesterday at the Vicenzaoro September opening ceremony and the spirit of the entire sector – not without reason represented here by over 800 exhibitors from the entire supply chain - one phrase spoken by the President of the Italian Trade Agency, Carlo Maria Ferro, is sufficient. At the beginning of his speech, he did, in fact, affirm: «Vicenzaoro is the only international event that managed not to miss its 2020 edition» - thanks to IEG Italian Exhibition Group’s launch of a totally new format like VOICE, which was staged last September - «and now, it is inaugurating a show with important numbers which will even benefit from a digital extension from 15th to 17th September. All in a special week for Made in Italy, with nine events taking place at the same time in the world dedicated to sectors very different to your renowned quality products. The Vicenza results are also due to the participation safety protocols developed by the organizer over the past months and to the communication capacity put into play. The Italian Trade Agency has been in close collaboration with IEG for some time now, and the proof not only lies in the study of specific actions that we will be taking together on strategic markets such as Japan, but also in that comforting + 4.1% in exports compared to the previous year, a fact that speaks clearly: Italian jewelry is the top performer of all G8 countries.» 

Targeted operations that were also developed by those playing the hosts yesterday, Lorenzo Cagnoni, President of IEG Italian Exhibition Group, and Marco Carniello, Global Exhibition Director Jewellery & Fashion, and ceremony moderator. After warmly welcoming the public in attendance, the word was passed to Francesco Rucco, Mayor of Vicenza, who underlined the Venetian capital’s ability to have always been one of the drivers of the national and regional economy, one that, in the near future, will also be able to count on the arrival of the high-speed train. On the topic of infrastructure as a support for local businesses, Cristina Franco, Vice President of the Province, added: «The difficult period that we all hope to have archived has undoubtedly shown some people that trade shows of this type are still indispensable moments for doing business. Because nothing, not even the very best digitization, can ever replace direct relations between buyers and exhibitors. In the meantime, everyone must do their part so that the show is as successful as possible: we are supporting the city and its administration so that the reception is exactly the right showcase for what our companies produce so well, taking the reputation of our district into the world.» 

Another authoritative voice representing the sector was that of Claudia Piaserico, the newly elected Federorafi President. «It gives me enormous joy to be here today one year exactly since the staging of VOICE. Now we have every right to say it: our sector never gives up and we are here, in such large numbers, because we are ready to meet the desires of consumers the world over. Sector data transmit two messages: on the one hand, a certain justified enthusiasm due to a +86% increase compared to 2020, and 2.8% compared to 2019 considering a parameter of the first 5 months of the year, with interesting peaks in March and April and a slowdown in May, and on the other, they also invite us to be cautious. In order to really be out of this unexpected crisis, we must wait to register the 2019 performance.» Following these reasonings, Roberto Marcato, Veneto Regional Councilor for Economic Development, concluded with a message overflowing with pride and awareness of the edge that Vicenza companies, and Veneto in general, know how to express: «In the last twenty years, we have experienced at least three big crises. The first in 2001, in the wake of the attack on the Twin Towers, then in 2008 due to the subprime bubble, and then Covid arrived. Every time, experts and renowned economists have questioned the SME system and the Veneto economy in particular. And every time, these catastrophic forecasts have come to nothing. More than 95% of Italian companies have less than 10 employees and data show that, even if it is more difficult, in reality, small and medium enterprises manage to make profitable use of research. It’s a given fact: SMEs are a force that is resurrecting Italy.»

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