VO Plus: The Dubai Special Issue

Out now, the VO+ Dubai Special issue is the quintessence of elegance, visually, stylistically and narratively.

I just needed a few elements. But I wanted them to be exceptional, so that this magazine, the VO+ Dubai Special issue would be the quintessence of elegance, visually, stylistically and narratively. The pages of this issue stop along the main destinations of Goethe’s Grand Tour, where the projects are inspired by all the marvels of Italy’s artistic heritage. They tiptoe through the cahiers of jewellery houses and designers; they linger over the Roman refuge of designer Fabio Salini, adored in the Arab world for the elegance and harmony of his one-of-a-kind jewels; they tell the stories of masterpieces seen at the last Biennale Paris, with a close look at Glenn Spiro’s Haute Couture experiment; and they cross borders to explore Middle Eastern creativity, whose ancestral roots guide the hands of Ralph Masri, Nadine Kanso, for the brand Bil Arabi, and the very young sculptor, Deema Hefzi. I tried to find a ‘style’ that talked to everyone, those looking for something innovative and unconventional as well as those looking for reassurance. How? With the vibrant pictures of photographer Carmen Mitrotta and the more delicate ones by the AlmaKarina duo, united by the inherent beauty of nature, the guiding theme of this issue.

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