VO Plus: The November Issue

A ‘Combined’ edition, that underlines the connection between the creative worlds and language combinations

Our journey continues through jewelry stories, told by its leading characters, by the interpreters and by the players, who inject new life-blood in this precious world every year. This time out eyes turn towards the Middle East, beginning a dialogue between cultures, factors of reciprocal cross-fertilization and constant suggestions. This is how we are opening this new window onto the east, explaining how elegance and modesty can exist side by side. And we are doing it by dedicating space to the first exhibition on the evolution of the twelve ‘discretions’ of dressing, scheduled to take place at the de Young Museum in San Francisco; by giving voice to Dolce & Gabbana who, for the first time, have paraded the catwalks in Dubai with the intention of re-elaborating creative ideas linked to Arabian tradition and culture, starting from the aesthetic inputs of their homeland, Sicily; and by giving an account of this rich heritage through a tribute to the America photographer, Eve Arnold who, in 1970, actually created her Behind the Veil reportage in the United Emirates. A ‘Combined’ edition, that underlines the connection between the creative worlds and language combinations, giving space to some highly current topics: to sustainability – with an interview with Arizona Muse for Chopard - to the excellence of ‘on demand’ Italian jewelry and to the connection between contemporary jewelry, seen as an objet d’emotion, and the exclusive parterre of collecting. ◆

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