VO+ Talks: The Innovation Challenge

How do you innovate in the jewellery and watch industries? We talked about it in the second edition of the VO+ Talks at the Triennale in Milan, addressing the theme of innovation from a product, technical, communication, design and Made in point of view

The second edition of VO+ Talks, a live event organized by VO+ with the media partnership of Sky Tg24, stems from the desire to create an opportunity for discussion, dialogue and insight into how jewelry and watchmaking tackle the theme of innovation. How do you innovate, such as the areas, tools, needs, critical issues and opportunities? We talked about it at the Milan Triennale with authoritative voices from both sectors, a "grounding" of what has already been anticipated in the special issue of VO+ November, The Innovation Challenge.

The talk, built on three panels conducted and moderated by Federica Frosini, Editor in Chief of VO+, addressed issues related to product and technical innovation, communication, marketing and sustainability, distribution models, design and Made in.

Three topics addressed:

• Lab Grown Diamonds, a challenge for the natural market or an opportunity? The evolution of a constantly growing segment. 

Speaker: Paras Shah, Managing Director Europe of Bhanderi Lab Grown Diamonds intervenes 

• Engineering, customization and new omnichannel models. Jewels and watches compared, in a dynamic parallelism. 

Speakers: Maria Cristina Squarcialupi, President of Unoaerre; Ivan Consoli, owner of Serafino Consoli; Roberto Dibenedetto, Founder and Ceo of Nove25; Filippo Nembrini, Director of Seiko Italy. 

• The evolution of design, communication and artisan creativity in contemporary jewellery. Is “Made in” still an intrinsic engine? 

Speakers: Alessia Crivelli, Marketing Manager of Crivelli; Isabella Traglio, Vhernier Vice President; Mario Ortelli, Managing Partner of Ortelli & Co. and consultant for the luxury sector.

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