Wallace Chan and his Pin of Dreams

The Mind Puzzle pin by Wallace Chan is an ode to nurturing the child in us and one of the Chinese artist’s 25 new and surprising creations

  • Wallace Chan

    Wallace Chan

What is remembering if not a magnificent ensemble of memories, experiences, creative stimuli, real and dream-like images? A sort of endless puzzle whose pieces, once fitted together correctly, reassemble the course of a person’s life, the fulcrum of which can always be traced back to the child within. It is exactly to this “young child” that Wallace Chan alludes by placing a blue, porcelain sculpture depicting that child at the center of his Mind Puzzle pin. A detail that highlights the Chinese artist’s much-loved technique of using porcelain combined with boldly-cut stones which, since 1987 to date, has allowed him to write new chapters in modern-day high jewelry and is known as “Wallace Chan Porcelain” and “Wallace Chan Cut”. And Mind Puzzle certainly gets itself noticed with a rich variety of stones cut into the most diverse geometric shapes.

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