WDG for Forevermark

The Vicenza-based company, World Diamond Group, accompanies The De Beers Group to develop the Forevermark brand. A synonym of the beauty and absolute purity of diamonds

When two great companies unite forces, something unique and unrepeatable is generated. World Diamond Group, the Vicenza-based company that has been operating in high-jewelry for thirty years, is the partner that, for two years, has had the sole rights for distributing Forevermark diamonds in Italy, a brand created within The De Beers Group. A collaboration that underlines the prestige of a brand, WDG, a company that has gone from strength to strength over the years, is now also the mouthpiece for universal product ethics that go well beyond the 4Cs: from the very first step of the supply chain to the final stone cleaning and polishing stage, the most important thing is the moral integrity of a global choice. A concrete example is that, for every hectare exploited for mining purposes, Forevermark is committed to protecting six: in South Africa alone, this means 200,000 hectares of protected environment along the so-called Diamond Route, a series of nature reserves created and managed by De Beers. And it is not just the environment that benefits: the human rights of the communities involved in mining take first place together with encouraging local female entrepreneurship, additionally supported by mentoring activities and direct funding. In short, an “eco-system” that helps the environment and those who work within it. Now, but, more importantly, in the future.  Sustainability and ethics are the basis of a long working process that aims to achieve a coefficient of excellence that can be summarized in a number: 1%. What does that mean? Only one diamond out of a hundred mined in the world can aspire to become a Forevermark because only 1% of natural stones encases the beauty that deserves to be “marked forever” (hence, Forevermark) with a numerical code that represents that unique stone’s identity card. In other words, rare, exceptionally rare, and with the highest standards of beauty in the world, in an overall balance that makes it special. That is how the guarantee of a promise that the parent company has known how to maintain is inscribed and “certified”. Forever. The new Endlea Collection further seals this concept of eternity. An authentic tribute to the iconic symbol of infinity, around which pendants, earrings and rings are created with white diamond as the absolute protagonist.

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