Who's Influencing Who?: The New VO+ May Issue

A new issue that talks about subcultures, conversations between similar worlds, new independent brands and the American market, an ever higher spending territory

Just as in art, which inspires, teaches and elevates, it is now time to push the conversation further in jewelry too towards a new era in which it will sit at the table with other artistic disciplines. This is the hope of gallery owner Arina Pouzoullic, whom we welcomed in the opening of this issue, and who to some extent, foresees the beginning of a season that will be invigorated on several fronts. The May issue, which always has a keen eye on the American market, investigates the most recent directions that jewelry is taking and does so through the voice of Giorgio Bulgari in his first ever interview with VO+ to mark the launch of his newly-established brand Giorgio B, and Vikki Tobak, author of the book Ice Cold, on the impact of hip hop culture on jewelry. In addition to this, as always, the dossier dedicated to the American market leads us to discover a new geography of luxury, starting from the concept of “staycation”. There is also an in-depth look at the theme of “return on investment” when it comes to Hollywood red carpet jewelry, with comments from some of the sector's leading experts, such as Ginnina D'Orazio, whose agency, in her opinion, «represents the United Nations of jewelry.»

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